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The booking system for tour operators

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  • Free 21 days of testing
  • First 25 bookings free of charge
  • Full access to first class backoffice
  • Features under continuous development
  • Automatic PDF invoice management
  • HTML E-Mail Templates
  • German & englisch support
  • Access your data everywhere
1.95 €
per booking
3.95 €
per booking
4.95 €
per booking
Self Service
You register your account and step through our settings by yourself. Easy going.
0,- €
for free
We register and setup your account with all settings, email templates and data. The system will immediately be ready to use.
399,- €
per account
Our support team will introduce the system to your company and explain best practises of usage. Together we optimize your settings and content.
Price include travel and subsistance cost in Germany
799,- €
4 hours inhouse
Setup and Training
The premium package is the best starting point to use bookacamp. We setup the system and train your employees. All inclusive. Up and running.
Price include travel and subsistance cost in Germany
979,- €
4 hours inhouse
Volume contracts and special conditions for major customers and non-profit associations on request.
E-Mail Marketing
You collect your customers e-mail-addresses directly in the booking process. These addresses along with subscriptions to topics you can use in your newsletter program.
5,- €
per month
Teamer Management
All your teamer recruiting process is done via bookacamp. A capacity planing for your camps is included.
20,- €
per month
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